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Course # Course Title Course Instructor Days
1001 Chair Yoga Haley M Hayes
M, W
1002 Yoga April Bosworth
Tu, Th
1003 Drumming and Rhythm For Fun! Natalie Burningham
Tu, Th
1004 Lightening Moments Devri Ficklin
W only
1005 Tai Chi Emily Jewkes
T, Th
1006 Japanese Brush Painting - Traditional Asian Water Color Course Eiko Anderson
1007 Yoga for Lifelong Well-Being Cammy Adair
Tu, Th
1008 Baroque Art History Kevan Larsen
M - F
1009 BITCOINS, Cryptocurrencies and Block Chain Fred Coad
M - F
1010 Don't Let Hearing Loss Keep You Out of the Conversation Tiffany Shelton
M - F
1011 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Danielle Ross
M - F
1012 Utah's Struggle for Statehood Lucille F. Hansen
M - F
1013 History of Aviation Introduction to Drones Shawn "BW" Barstow
M - F
1014 Low Back Pain Treatments Vikas Garg, MD, MSA
F only