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Course # Course Title Course Instructor Days
1007 Yoga for Lifelong Well-Being Cammy Adair
1006 Japanese Brush Painting - Traditional Asian Water Color Course Eiko Anderson
1013 History of Aviation Introduction to Drones Shawn "BW" Barstow
1002 Yoga April Bosworth
1003 Drumming and Rhythm For Fun! Natalie Burningham
1009 BITCOINS, Cryptocurrencies and Block Chain Fred Coad
1004 Lightening Moments Devri Ficklin
1014 Low Back Pain Treatments Vikas Garg, MD, MSA
1012 Utah's Struggle for Statehood Lucille F. Hansen
1001 Chair Yoga Haley M Hayes
1005 Tai Chi Emily Jewkes
1008 Baroque Art History Kevan Larsen
1011 The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Danielle Ross
1010 Don't Let Hearing Loss Keep You Out of the Conversation Tiffany Shelton