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159 - British History- The Stuarts
July 31 - August 4
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Cost - $40.00
ENGR 101

Which king was nearly blown up? Who were the "King Killers"? What is the First English Commonwealth and why? What does an oak tree have to do with a king? No Heir or spare for this King, but he has 22 children! A Catholic Monarch...Never!! So who receives the crown? We will explore these and many more questions!

Course Instructor: Arthur Clarke was born and lived in England for 55 years before marrying and coming to live in the U.S. He became a citizen in 2008. He exemplifies the saying" you can take the man out of England but you cannot take England out of the man." He holds a B.Ed from Cambridge Institute of Education and taught in English schools for over 33 years. He loves British history and is enthusiastic to share his knowledge with everyone and anyone. He has a very keen interest in the Tudor period and the Tudor Monarchs.