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110 - Summer Citizens Camera Club
June 15 - August 3
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Cost - $40.00
ENGR 203

This is a place where Summer Citizen photographers can show images, practice, and enjoy the company of other Summer Citizen photographers. A weekly show and evaluation of images will be held. A guest speaker and photo programs, along with "Grab and Go" field trips will be held. New photographers and people that would like to learn about cameras are encouraged to come to the Summer Citizens Camera Club. Discussions will include photographing with Cell Phone Cameras, Bridge Cameras and Digital SLRs. At the end of the Summer Citizens Program, we will have a display of members images.

Course Instructor: Stan Stillman, with over 35 years of photo industry experience (Camera Store Management, Studio Photography and Conducting Seminars), has instructed many amatuer and professional photographers in California & Arizona. Also Stan has received photographic recogonition in Local, State, National and International competitions. Stan is a Certified Photographic Consultant (CPC),Past President of Fresno Camera Club,in Fresno, California, member of the Board of Directors of the Camera Guild of Sun City, in Sun City, Arizona, and a Logan USU Summer Citizen.