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101 - Water Aerobics
June 5 - August 4
8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Cost - $100.00

Water aerobics routine taught in the shallow end of pool comprising of warm up, aerobic workout, arm with hand weights or noodles, abdominal exercise and stretching/cool down. Music is incorporated, with focus on student's ability, building strength and endurance, and fun learning atmosphere.

Course Instructor: Jennifer Benson has been practicing water aerobics for over 20 years as both student and instructor. She focuses on exercise for weight loss, body toning and strength at all ages, and has seen success herself in the discipline, having lost 90 pounds and maintained it for 11 years. She enjoys performing and leading others, having worked as a musician and conductor, performing vocals, piano, theatre, and as afternoon daily talk show reporter on KSL radio. She resides in Hyde Park with her husband and is the mother of three children. Jennifer works also works as an interior designer and a vocalist in her community.