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143 - Famous Historic Loganites
July 10 - July 14
10:30 AM - 11:45 AM
Cost - $60.00
ENGR 201

David Eccles, an illiterate Scottish boy with an uncanny drive, was an early Logan Pioneer who made a fortune. He started many successful companies, giving employment to thousands of people. He changed the west. After David's sudden death in 1012, his son, Marriner Eccles, managed the family's business interests. By the mid - 1920's Marriner and his brothers controlled seventeen banks. They became the First Security Corporation. Because of his leadership, those banks weathered the great depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized Marriner's talent, and brought him into his administration as Chairman (Governor) of the Federal Reserve, a job he held for 17 years. We'll learn more about the Federal Reserve and get an insight into how the Eccles family can be so generous today. Also covered in this class will be other Loganites and their contributions: Charles Nibley and the Thatcher family. This class includes a field trip and tour of their beautiful homes.

Course Instructor: Lucille Hansen is a lifelong member of the LDS Church. She is proud of the many hours she has spent helping at the Ogden Cannery preparing food for the Church Welfare Distribution. She is anxious to give needed background and share this program with her Summer Citizen friends.