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101 - Water Aerobics
June 5 - August 4
8:00 AM - 8:45 AM
Cost - $100.00

Water aerobics routine taught in the shallow end of pool comprising of warm up, aerobic workout, arm with hand weights or noodles, abdominal exercise and stretching/cool down. Music is incorporated, with focus on student's ability, building strength and endurance, and fun learning atmosphere.

Course Instructor: Jennifer Benson has been practicing water aerobics for 20 years as both a student & teacher. She is a FiTour Certified Instructor. She focuses on exercise for well-being, body toning & strength at all ages, & has seen success in the discipline, maintaining a 90 pound loss for 12 years. She enjoys performing & leading others, having worked as a musician, conductor, vocalist, pianist, & as a daily talk show reporter on KSL radio. She lives in Hyde Park with her husband, is the mother of 3 children, & will soon be a grandma! Jennifer works as an interior designer and vocalist in her community.