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129 - Astronomy and Stargazing for Beginners
June 26 - June 30
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Cost - $40.00
ENGR 201

This course is for beginners or novices who are curious about astronomy and what's in the night sky. Some may be interested in pursuing this as a hobby, its never to late to start. You don't even need a telescope. We will discuss such topics as how to locate and identify major stars and constellations in the summer sky. How to be a better observer. How to buy a telescope and get the best one for your money. How to observe the Moon, Planets, Meteors, Comets, and safely observe the Sun. We will also discuss deep sky objects such as galaxies, Star Clusters, Nebulae with a focus on the Messier list used by all amateur observers. We will discuss how to observe and even how to photograph these sky objects. We will discuss how to use the free and popular planetarium program for you computer called Stellarium. We will talk about how to join a local astronomy club in your area. Other topics will include how the Universe began, how it will end, the future for our Sun and the earth, are there other earths in the galaxy and what are the prospects of life in our galaxy and the universe, what is NASA doing to learn about our solar system, galaxy and universe. If time permits we will talk about the multiverse concept. We will schedule two observing sessions, one to observe our Sun and another an evening Star party where we will observe Saturn and it rings, Jupiter and its four moons, our Moon and other deep sky objects. Astronomy is an exciting hobby for young and old. It challenges our minds and get us to look up at the night sky and explore that vast frontier above the earth.

Course Instructor: Tom Westre is a retired public school educator with 37 years of teaching experience at the high school level. Tom received his bachelors and masters degree in education from the University of South Dakota.Tom has taught many subjects including American History and astronomy at the high school level. Tom is the past president of the Cache Valley Astronomical Society (CVAS), a group of local amateur astronomers. He has been involved with astronomy since he was nine years old. He has four telescopes and enjoys observing and astrophotography.