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118 - Utah's struggle for statehood
June 12 - June 16
9:00 AM - 10:15 AM
Cost - $120.00
ENGR 201

The people of Utah asked Congress for statehood 6 different times. Each time their request was denied and penalties were inflicted. Why? Utah (Deseret) had plenty of people living within it's borders. They were loyal to the USA. Their leadership was strong and had plenty of experience. Why did it take 47 years and six petitions before statehood was granted? The answer is a wild, exciting story that no other State can claim. The problem centered on the Mormon ideal of unity in Government and economics. They had a monopoly in economics and politics. Non-Mormons were shut out. They wanted competition and diversity. More and more non-Mormons were coming to make Utah their home. The Mormon majority had to change We will explore this exciting true story as you've never experienced before. Friday, we'll take a field trip to Salt Lake City to visit Brigham Young's Beehive House-one of the first beautiful homes built in the territory. Our stately State Capital Building will also be explored. Lunch will be included in this guided bus tour day trip. Park your vehicle in the Maverik Football Stadium parking lot located on 1000 N and 800 E. Bus will depart from the Maverik Football Stadium parking lot.

Course Instructor: Lucille Hansen is a lifelong member of the LDS Church. She is proud of the many hours she has spent helping at the Ogden Cannery preparing food for the Church Welfare Distribution. She is anxious to give needed background and share this program with her Summer Citizen friends.