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126 - Cash Out! Retire on Your Terms, Live Well and Die Happy
June 19 - June 23
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Cost - $40.00
ENGR 201

Come join us for this fun and fascinating journey on getting the most out of life (and death) after 55! Our course focuses on life fulfillment and the pursuit of happiness, while discussing best practices for using your resources towards these goals (including your financial resources). Although this course delves deep into how money affects our lives and the lives of loved ones, we do not discuss how to invest money. Rather, we'll discuss how to invest in yourself with the resources you have to build a fulfilling life and leave a lasting legacy.

Course Instructor: Jack has been helping people pursue retirement on their terms and live well for more than two decades. From his early days growing up in Nebraska in a close and loving family, Jack learned the importance of integrity, hard work, building strong relationships and living life with purpose. Now, he’s distilled a lifetime of experiences into a guidebook and classroom courses for people looking to make smart decisions with their money and their life. Jack is CEO and Founder of Navigation Retirement Group, a wealth management firm in Southern Arizona.  He has earned his Masters of Science Degree in Personal Financial Planning, and he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM professional (CFP®). Jack is currently teaching this course on the University of Arizona campus through their adult learning division (OLLI-UA).