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106 - Drumming and Rhythm Group for Stress Relief
July 5 - July 26
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Cost - $25.00

Come join us as we play to the beat, create music in the moment, and express ourselves in a whole new way! Drumming and percussion groups can be enjoyable and motivating for all ages and abilities, no musical experience necessary. Participating can yield a variety of benefits including stress and anxiety reduction, increased mood, increased physical activity and attention as well as a sense of community. Drumming and rhythm groups are a great way to stay young and get a boost during your day. Drums and other percussion instruments will be provided by the instructor.

Course Instructor: Drumming and rhythm groups are a branch of music therapy, which is the use of music to achieve a therapeutic goal. Natalie started practicing music therapy in Colorado in 2010 and began her own private practice called Health Beat Music Therapy. Through her business she has worked with nursing homes, assisted living centers, children’s music education groups, community groups and individuals. She initially created a successful drumming and rhythm program for a nursing home and since then has facilitated groups for all ages and abilities. Natalie moved to Utah in 2014 and continues to practice in Cache Valley. She is a member of the Utah Association of Music Therapists and the Cache Valley Music Therapy Association. Natalie’s passion is promoting wellness through music as well as teaching. Through her business she seeks contract work with the Elderly, young adults and children with a wide range of diagnosis as well as supervises for the Utah State University Music Therapy program. Music therapy has always been a side job however. As her main job, Natalie mothers her two adorable children and dotes over her adoring husband. In the free time she has left she enjoys the outdoors, exercising, DIY projects and nutrition.