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122 - Social Media and Mobile Applications for Beginners
June 12 - June 16
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM
Cost - $50.00
ENGR 203

We all have people with whom we want to stay connected and be updated. Social media makes that easier than has ever existed before. We can share memories, stories, photos, videos, quotes, and thoughts oftentimes from the palm of our hands. If you are a beginning user of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, then this course is for you. That is, if you do not know a "hash tag" from a "hash brown," then this course will empower you with that knowledge. It is a non-threatening environment where you can gain practical, usable, hands-on experience in how you can best use social media to meet your needs...whatever they might be. We will cover how to upload and organize photos in Facebook, how to tag people we want to be connected to those photos, what hash tags are and why they are useful, and what the strengths and weaknesses of certain social media platforms are. This course will be a fun, active course, with plenty of examples and time for discussion. So, bring your phones, tablets, and laptops and we will get them ready to go. Come with your questions and they will be answered!

Course Instructor: Dr. Preston Parker received his formal education in Business Management at Utah State University (Bachelor), in Mass Communication at Indiana University (Master), and in Instructional Technology at Utah State University (Doctorate). During the last ten years, he has created and taught university courses in social media, management, marketing, public relations, entrepreneurship, professional communication, and new venture marketing. He has a passion for social media and is currently involved in developing curriculum to help people become better users of the technologies available. In this regard, he has founded two non-profit organizations: the Social Media Club of Cache Valley and the Cache Valley Area Investors Association. Preston also serves on the Clark Entrepreneurship Center's Founder's Board, and as the faculty adviser over marketing for the USU Entrepreneurship Club. He has founded several businesses, including a multimedia production company, an instructional design company, a real estate holdings company, a restaurant, a produce company, and a consulting company. He finds great joy in utilizing social media techniques in the "real world" and then bringing his experiences into the classroom. But really, he would just like to be known as a good husband to his wife of 17 years, and a good father to his six young children.