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1013 - History of Aviation Introduction to Drones

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August 3 - August 7
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
M - F
Cost - $45.00

Student Furnished Course Supplies/Prerequisites: The cost per drone is $30.00 via check or cash, payable to the instructor and due the first day of class. Please RSVP via email to ensure we have enough inventory.

Course Description: This week-long course will review the basic rules and regulations of Unmanned Aerial Systems, a short history, a little weather information, and of course how to fly your drone. EVERYONE who wishes to purchase their drone will leave the course READY TO FLY their drone, and surprise their families with hours of fun! (We fly the "Holy Stone Mini Drone", a very stable and great drone for the beginner flyer!) We'll also do a couple of drone demos and show you some of the vast possibilities in the exciting world of drones. We'll even give you some pointers when it comes to shooting photos or videos with drones! Come have fun with us!

Course Instructor: Shawn "BW" Barstow is a lecturer in Aviation and Technical Education. He is currently working towards his Masters in Aviation Science with a specialization in Safety. He recently transitioned from a 21-year career in the United States Air Force and now lives here in Logan. The majority of his time in the Air Force was working as an Air Traffic Controller. He has been around the world, controlling aircraft in some unusual places, loving every bit of it. He hopes to continue teaching and sharing with others his passion of this wondrous world of aviation!