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1009 - BITCOINS, Cryptocurrencies and Block Chain

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July 6 - July 10
1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
M - F
Cost - $45.00

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Course Description: The History, Myths, Magic, and Mystery of this new class of "currencies" -- We hear about them on the news, see them for sale in grocery stores, hear about fortunes made and LOST, and now they have made it into the comics - "Dilbert." We will explore what they are or represent, where they come from, who regulates them, how they are taxed and their future. This class is for the non-technical person who wants to better understand cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology. Note: Mr. Coad does not offer any financial recommendations or advice for the purchase or sale of these items.

Course Instructor: Fred A. Coad, is a retired CPA, and earned his MBA from Tulane University and his MS in Accounting from Bentley College. He was a certified instructor for several accounting software programs, spreadsheet programs and contact management programs. He also co-authored a training and support guide for a major accounting software. As a lifelong student, his interest lies in exploring new technologies, disruptive businesses and tipping point ideas.