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1004 - Lightening Moments

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July 8 - July 22
3:00 PM - 4:15 PM
W only
Cost - $0.00

Student Furnished Course Supplies/Prerequisites: Copies of all system handouts provided by educator.

Course Description: Lightening Moments is a three part course. Learners will find value in each individual segment of this course, even if they are unable to attend all three sessions. Lightening Moments: A Lightning Survivor’s Story - Learn why and how life’s past experiences continue to control our actions today and how to incorporate the simple steps of Productive Thinking to focus thought. Purposeful Moments: Live a “Life of Purpose” - Identify beliefs that keep you stuck, find courage to step out of your comfort zone “Let go” of fear or past failure and live a life of no regrets. LIVE in the Moment: Daily Action Determines Success - Whether retired, going to school or working, discover how to focus energy, overcome depression or anxiety, and facilitate personal growth through daily action.

Course Instructor: Devri Ficklin Author, Speaker, Business Consultant, Life Coach, Makeup Team Lead, and Paul Mitchell School Owner/Director are just a few of the titles held over a successful 18 year career. After overcoming a devastating divorce, family suicide and financial issues, lightning struck and within seconds Devri’s life changed, once more. Facing the difficult challenge of learning to walk, talk and even think again, Devri navigated life’s storm and discovered greatness. Devri shares her motivating story of "Triumph within Trials" to inspire others who are on their own journey to greatness.