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1006 - Japanese Brush Painting - Traditional Asian Water Color Course

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July 14 - July 22
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Cost - $45.00

Student Furnished Course Supplies/Prerequisites: Supplies and materials paid to instructor, not included in course fee. Any questions please contact 435-881-5304.

Course Description: The art of Asian watercolor painting will be taught in this class and how it differs from Western style painting. Basic techniques are using only Japanese brush sume-ink, few basic watercolor paints and rice papers. Focus is on painting as a meditative process. With a few strokes of the brush capture the “Essence of the Subject”. Class Includes brush techniques, color blending, composition, and traditional subjects. Japanese painting is an ancient tradition, but is new to many people. Suitable for beginning and & experienced painters.

Course Instructor: Eiko was born in Osaka, Japan & studied calligraphy since childhood with various teachers including cursive form of kanji & kana with the Master, Zuiun Kobayashi. Inspired by her father's paintings, she began the study of Sumie (Japanese brush painting) & Asian Watercolor. With many years of experience she teaches both adults & children. Eiko is a member of the Sumi-e Society of America & the Utah Water Color Society. She has received recognition & awards for her talent. Her paintings are on exhibit in various locations & featured on her website at