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1005 - Tai Chi

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July 14 - August 27
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
T, Th
Cost - $0.00
Bear River Health Dept. 153 & 154

Student Furnished Course Supplies/Prerequisites: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that will be easy to move in. Class location is 85 E 1800 N, Logan, UT.

Course Description: Tai chi movements are slow, smooth and continuous, helping to strengthen internal muscles, like the deep stabilizers that support and strengthen the spine. Additionally, tai chi practitioners move against a gentle resistance to build full muscular strength. Slow and smooth movements calm the mind, helping to reduce falls resulting from sudden movements that lead to significant blood pressure drop, especially in elder people taking medication that can cause change of blood pressure. Tai chi practitioners are mindful of transferring weight with each step, helping to improve mobility, coordination and balance. This, in addition to emphasis on upright and supple posture, further strengthens muscles. Additional benefits are reduced pain and stiffness due to arthritis. Limited enrollment.

Course Instructor: Emily Jewkes, Tai Chi Instructor, from Logan, UT, was trained by Bill Pickett, a Tai Chi Master Trainer from Knoxville TN. Bill is one of Dr Paul Lam's Master Trainers. Emily was recently certified in May of 2018 and has been teaching an ongoing class in Brigham City since June of 2018. Emily conducts classes in Tai Chi for Arthirits, Tai Chi, Fall Prevention, And Seated Tai Chi for Fall Prevention. She is also a member of the Wisconsin Institute for aging and is also a certified Fall Prevention Specialist.