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1012 - Utah's Struggle for Statehood

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July 27 - July 31
2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
M - F
Cost - $45.00

Course Description: Why did it take 47 years for Utah to become a State? The people living here asked Congress for statehood 6 times. The request wasn't just denied, major penalties were inflicted by Washingto DC after each request. Why was the largest pre-Civil War US Army deployed to Utah? What did the citizens do before the army arrived? What did the army do when they got here? Why was Col. Patrick Connor sent here and what did he start? These questions and others will be answered in this fascinating class. The class will be enriched with videos about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and life at Camp Floyd where Johnston's Army was based.

Course Instructor: Lucille Hansen thinks everything makes more sense if history is understood. Her favorite classes to teach were history --especially Utah History. Shes loves the Summer Citizen Program and looks forward to greeting everyone.