About Summer Citizens Ambassadors

Established in 2000, the Summer Citizens Ambassadors are committed to encourage, inform, and improve.


Ambassadors serve as the face of the Summer Citizens program. They are proactive, positive, and energetic individuals. They provide support in the summer to new Summer Citizens, volunteer their time at various programs and activities, and share their passion for the program with those they meet. They set the example by taking Summer Citizens classes, going on tours, and generally being involved in their communities.


Ambassadors serve as a link between their summer home in Logan and their winter residence. They share information with prospective Summer Citizens through distributing articles, submitting local media publications, in-person conversations, and other recruitment opportunities. Ambassadors also work with the Program Office to disseminate critical information to their community.


The Summer Citizens Program can only succeed as we continue to look to the future. Ambassadors help recruit new ambassadors to apply annually to broaden our reach and perpetually build the Summer Citizens community. Ambassadors also provide constructive feedback to the Program Office and look for ways to make the program better!